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Windshield chip repairs

What you need to know

  • Before repair, a chip is typically about the size of a quarter or less
  • Chips do NOT "disappear" when repaired
  • The original damage will clear up approximately 75 to 90 percent
  • The repaired area is typically about the size of a pencil point. 
  • The repaired area looks different with sunlight (like a prism)
  • Repairs ARE guaranteed to never spread for the life of the windshield.


  • Keep the chip area free from moisture and dirt (rain, dew, dust etc).
  • Cover the damaged area with clear packing tape.  This keeps the area clean and dry.
  • Avoid temperature changes (Hot glass - cold AC or Cold glass - defroster and heater)
  • Schedule a repair ASAP
  • Most repairs take less than 30 minutes.
  • We can file your claim with you in our shop or over the phone. 
  • Most insurance companies will pay 100% of the cost of a repair without applying a deductible.  Thus the saying "Repairs are FREE"
  • Replacements require you to pay your deductible.